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12 February 2020

我看见了云海 如晦如梦幻 我唤来了星繁 似灭似绚烂 我翻过了绿洲 无边且无岸 我亲吻了河川 春去春又来

What Is Linear Regression?

Answer: It is the most commonly used method for predictive analytics. The Linear Regression method is used to describe relationship between a dependent variable and one or independent variable. The main task in the Linear Regression is the method of fitting a single line within a scatter plot.

Explain Cross-validation?

Answer: It is a model validation technique for evaluating how the outcomes of a statistical analysis will generalize to an independent data set. Mainly used in backgrounds where the objective is forecast and one wants to estimate how accurately a model will accomplish in practice. The goal of cross-validation is to term a data set to test the model in the training phase (i.e. validation data set) in order to limit problems like over fitting, and get an insight on how the model will generalize to an independent data set.


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